(501c3) Sexual Assault Education, Anti-Cyberbullying, Suicide Prevention

(501c3) Sexual Assault Education, Anti-Cyberbullying, Suicide Prevention

(501c3) Sexual Assault Education, Anti-Cyberbullying, Suicide Prevention(501c3) Sexual Assault Education, Anti-Cyberbullying, Suicide Prevention

About Us

Audrie's Story

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing anti-cyber bullying presentations to schools, art and music scholarships, and grants for school therapists.

Audrie was just 15 when three classmates raped her while unconscious in September of 2012. The perpetrators took photos of their crime and shared them with students at Bay Area schools. 

8 days later she died by suicide. 

Audrie's parents created a Foundation in her memory, with the hopes that her story could help others.

It is only fitting that Audrie's passing could become a catalyst for change and that the positive and beautiful life she led would continue in her absence to provide a glimmer of hope and love in this world.


Our causes

  • We have shared Audrie's story with over 35,000 College, High School and Middle School Students and are passionate about educating young people about sexual assault, bystander intervention and cyberbullying.
  • We have raised over $2,600 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) during the SF Out of the Darkness walk.
  • The Audrie Pott Music Scholarship has been awarded to 4 students so far to provide for in home music lessons and contribute towards college education. 
  • We regularly contribute to CASSY Bay Area (Counseling And Support Services for Youth). CASSY provides FREE counseling to students and their families at over 50 elementary, middle and high schools.
  • We have provided grants to Montalvo Arts Center, a favorite location of Audrie's, which funds art lessons for economically disadvantaged school districts that would not otherwise receive art instruction.


Public Speaking

Please email us to schedule a presentation! info@audriepottfoundation.com

Featured on TV, radio, and in newspapers and magazines, Sheila Pott, Larry and Lisa Pott are award winning, internationally recognized speakers who present to thousands of students and Military audiences across the United States.

They have created a comprehensive 50-minute presentation, including several videos that tell the heart-breaking story of their 15- year-old daughter, and what she endured during the last week of her life. They recognize the unique challenges that are faced by today’s youth, and because of their experience, they are able to impart valuable lessons that can greatly impact each audience. Sheila, Larry and Lisa approach these issues with sensitivity and respect, while giving real world encouragement and inspiration. Most importantly, they speak from the heart with the goal of helping others.

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Audrie Pott Foundation

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